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Cozy Comfort Made From Natural Materials 

Cozy Comfort Made From Natural Materials 

Surjivan offers 6 Premium Huts  and 21 Deluxe Huts spacious, air-conditioned mud huts (rooms) with traditional ethnic style bedrooms and attached three fixture bathrooms. Each individual hut is uniquely furnished, aesthetically decorated and ornamented with ‘Vedic Yantra’ motifs. These geometrical ‘Vedic Yantra’ motifs, created by early Indian sages, are believed to be therapeutic. By virtue of their very design, they create unique energy fields. By looking at them one experiences the calm and prolonged sense of relaxation, peace, and tranquility, removing all negative energy.

The mud walls are drawn with natural organic colors that are in harmony with the natural environs while the thatched roofs and the ‘Jarokhas’ provide natural cooling.

For special travel groups, we also provide dormitory and luxury accommodation in dormitories.

Irrespective of the type of accommodation, your stay at Surjivan’s is bound to be a uniquely relaxing experience!